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Utilizing technology to create social change

One bit at a time...

A few bytes about us

We are a newly formed non-profit focused on making the world a better place using technology while keeping a startup / innovative spirit.

More bytes about us


There's no project too big or too small for us to at least consider. Making the world a better place takes time, effort, and ultimately patience. Until we no longer find a way for technology to help the world, we will continue our quest, recruit catalysts for change, and solve problems, one bit at a time.

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We have had a few generous donors make some of our first projects possible. We are always willing to take monetary and technology-centric donations as they will expedite our ability to make the world a better place.



We try to keep things running efficiently by focusing on the shared goals. Our focus is making the world better and our skills revolve around technology, but our actions will always be aligned with what is right and results in the least amount of waste. We truly value and respect all of our resources.


We admit that not every solution is perfect and will try to navigate the problems we encounter as efficiently as we can. We take a realistic approach to solving problems.